• The one enemy in the world that America has is England. But then, England is the great land of Christian civilization, and it may not be a thing to be much wondered at that our Americans whom we send to represent us in London become in a short time somewhat civilized, and learn to love those who hate them, bless those that curse them, and do good to those that persecute and calumniate them.

    Jeremiah O'Donovan Rossa (1898). “Rossa's Recollections, 1838 to 1898: Childhood, Boyhood, Manhood. Customs, Habits and Manners of the Irish People. Erinach and Sassenach-Catholic and Protestant-Englishman and Irishman-English Religion-Irish Plunder. Social Life and Prison Life. The Fenian Movement. Travels in Ireland, England, Scotland and America”