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Who we are

AZQuotes is one of the largest sites dedicated to quotations. Here you can find the famous (and not-so) statements uttered by historical figures or our contemporaries. Our site was launched in 2014 and our main goal is to make AZQuotes the best of quotations sites.

What you can do on our website:

  1. compile your own collection of favorite quotes
  2. make picture quotes from quotes or images
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Why we created AZQuotes

We created AZQuotes so each user could have an opportunity to find a quote according to his/her taste and share it with others. Some of our quotations have historical or cultural value, while some of them are just for fun. Quotes are a unique tool: they may just be a clever phrase, but they can also be part of the cultural heritage left to us by some great figure. Quotes reflect the personality of the person, his/her attitudes, beliefs and ideas, and culture and time in which s/he lived - and gives you the opportunity to join all it. But regardless of what meaning it carries, the quote will always reflect the fact that people loved, love, and will continue to be loved.

We are pleased with every new quote we can share with you.

Our motto is: "In quoting others we cite ourselves" (Julio Cortázar)

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