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You can post a quote of a famous person as well as one of your own. Adding a quote to our site is a sure way to increase your iq rating! The most active users become Authors Of The Week and get additional subscribers, various honors and a good mood =)

Famous person quote-posting rules:

  1. You should provide a source of origin for a quote you post (reference URL). The URL provided should be from a major newspaper, magazine, professional research site or other respected source. Your own blog, website or social network pages do not qualify.
  2. If the quote of a famous person is already in our database, it will be added to your account and your collection of favorite quotes.
  3. Each quote is checked manually.

Your personal quotes-posting rules:

  1. Abusive language, incitement to break the law, or racial, gender and other discriminatory language is prohibited.
  2. The quotation will be added to your collection and will be available to your subscribers.
  3. If your quote becomes popular, it will go live to the entire site and will be available in the search results and in the top quotes section.
  4. We do not approve duplicate quotes: if you copy a quote from another user or website, we’ll recognize that. If you want to add someone else's quote to your collection, please use the link ‘Save’ above the quote.

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