Walt Whitman Military Quotes

Quotes about: Military
  • The work for serve well the guns!

    Walt Whitman (2013). “Leaves of Grass”, p.448, Simon and Schuster
  • I speak the password primeval; I give the sign of democracy.

    Walt Whitman (2015). “Leaves of Grass: Top Classic Poetry”, p.76, 谷月社
  • O America! Because you build for mankind I build for you.

    Walt Whitman, Sculley Bradley, Harold W. Blodgett (2008). “Leaves of Grass: A Textual Variorum of the Printed Poems, 1855-1856”, p.197, NYU Press
  • Thunder on! Stride on! Democracy. Strike with vengeful stroke!

    Walt Whitman (2013). “Leaves of Grass”, p.465, Simon and Schuster

Walt Whitman

  • Born: May 31, 1819
  • Died: March 26, 1892
  • Occupation: Poet
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