Dante Alighieri Quotes About Sadness

Quotes about: Sadness
  • There is no greater sorrow than to recall happiness in times of misery.

    Dante Alighieri, Stanley Lombardo (2009). “Inferno”, p.26, Hackett Publishing
  • No sadness is greater than in misery to rehearse memories of joy.

    Dante Alighieri (2009). “I'll Tell what I Saw: Images from Dante's Divine Comedy”
  • Justice divine has weighed: the doom is clear. All hope renounce, ye lost, who enter here.

    Dante Alighieri (2013). “Dante's Inferno: The Divine Comedy, Book One”, p.11, Wildside Press LLC

Dante Alighieri

  • Born: 1265
  • Died: September 14, 1321
  • Occupation: Poet
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