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Acceptance Achievement Acting Adventure Adversity Affection Age Aging Alchemy Angels Animals Anxiety Arrogance Art Attitude Avoiding Awareness Being Crazy Being Yourself Belief Birds Birth Bitterness Blame Blessings Books Boredom Cars Certainty Challenges Change Changing The World Character Childhood Children Choices Coincidence Commitment Computers Country Courage Creation Crime Critics Culture Dancing Darkness Decisions Defeat Desire Destiny Devil Difficulty Disappointment Discipline Doubt Dreams Duty Dying Earth Eating Effort Elegance Emotions Encouragement Encouraging Enemies Energy Enthusiasm Envy Eternity Evil Exercise Expectations Experience Eyes Failing Failure Fairy Tales Faith Falling In Love Fashion Fate Fathers Fear Feelings Fighting Film Finding Love Flowers Focus Freedom Frustration Fun Future Gardens Generosity Genius Giving Giving Up Glory Goals God Gold Gratitude Greatness Grieving Growing Up Growth Guilt Habits Happiness Happy Hard Times Hard Work Hardship Harmony Hate Haters Hatred Healing Heart Heaven Hell Home Honesty Honor Horses House Humanity Hurt Husband Illness Imagination Injustice Inner Beauty Insanity Insecurity Inspiration Inspirational Inspiring Integrity Internet Intuition Journey Joy Judging Judging Others Killing Kissing Language Learning Leaving Letting Go Life Life And Love Listening Live Life Loneliness Losing Loss Lost Love Love Love Life Loyalty Luck Lying Madness Magic Making Love Making Mistakes Manifestation Marriage Mask Meaning Of Life Mediocrity Meetings Memories Miracles Mistakes Moon Morning Mothers Motivational Mountain Moving Forward Moving On My Way Neighbors Not Giving Up Noticing Opinions Opportunity Overcoming Pain Parents Parties Passion Past Patience Perseverance Pilgrimage Pleasure Positive Positive Thinking Positivity Power Prayer Pride Purpose Quality Rain Rainbows Reading Reality Recognition Recovery Regret Relationships Responsibility Risk Rituals Romantic Love Running Sadness Saints Selfishness Sexuality Silence Simplicity Sin Slaves Sleep Solitude Son Songs Soul Soulmates Speed Spirituality Spring Strength Struggle Students Study Success Suffering Surrender Taking Risks Talent Teachers Teaching Temptation Terror Time Today Torture Tragedy Train Training Transformation Travel Tribulation True Love Unconditional Love Understanding Universe Values Victory Virtue Vision Waiting Walking Wall War Warrior Water Weakness Wife Wine Winning Winter Wisdom Worry Worship Writing Yoga Youth
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    "The first spiritual quality we need to have is not faith; it is courage."

    - Paulo Coelho,, added Aug 4, 2016

    Paulo Coelho

    • Born: August 24, 1947
    • Occupation: Lyricist
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