William Cowper Quotes About Running

Quotes about: Running
  • Fancy, like the finger of a clock,
    Runs the great circuit, and is still at home.

    William Cowper, Henry Stebbing (1869). “The Complete Poetical Works of William Cowper, Esq: Including the Hymns and Translations from Madame Guion, Milton, Etc. ; with a Memoir of the Author”, p.234
  • He that runs may read.

    William Cowper, James Thomson (1832). “The Works of Cowper and Thompson: Including Many Letters and Poems Never Before Published in this Country. With a New and Interesting Memoir of the Life of Thomson”, p.104

William Cowper

  • Born: November 26, 1731
  • Died: April 25, 1800
  • Occupation: Poet
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