Emily Dickinson Quotes About Memories

Quotes about: Memories
  • To live is so startling it leaves little time for anything else.

    Emily Dickinson, Frances Schoonmaker Bolin (1994). “Emily Dickinson”, p.7, Sterling Publishing Company, Inc.
  • Remorse is memory awake.

    Emily Dickinson (2016). “The Collected Poems of Emily Dickinson”, p.119, First Avenue Editions
  • Memory is a strange Bell—Jubilee, and Knell.

    Emily Dickinson, Thomas Herbert Johnson, Theodora Ward (1986). “The Letters of Emily Dickinson”, p.755, Harvard University Press
  • There is a pain so utter, it swallows being up; The covers the abyss with a trance So memory can step around, across, upon it.

    Emily Dickinson, Martha Dickinson Bianchi, Alfred Leete Hampson (1929). “Further poems of Emily Dickinson: withheld from publication by her sister Lavinia”

Emily Dickinson

  • Born: December 10, 1830
  • Died: May 15, 1886
  • Occupation: Poet
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