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Absolute Truth Abuse Acceptance Acting Activism Addiction Adversity Affairs Affection Age Aggression Aids Ambition Anarchy Anger Animal Cruelty Animal Rights Animals Appreciation Army Art Assumption Atheism Atheist Atmosphere Attitude Authority Awakening Awareness Balance Beauty Being Real Being Strong Belief Birds Birth Blame Blessings Bones Books Bravery Brotherhood Brothers Buddhism Business Challenges Change Changing The World Chaos Character Charity Children Choices Christ Christianity Church Citizenship Civil Disobedience Cleanliness Commitment Community Compassion Compromise Confession Conflict Conscience Consciousness Conservation Consumerism Contentment Corruption Country Courage Creation Crime Criticism Culture Darkness Death Debate Decisions Defeat Deliverance Democracy Desire Destiny Determination Devotion Dharma Dictatorship Difficulty Dignity Diplomacy Discipline Diversity Dogs Doubt Dreams Driving Duty Dying Earth Eating Economics Economy Education Effort Empathy Empowerment Encouragement Enemies Energy English Language Environment Envy Equality Ethics Evidence Evil Evolution Exercise Experience Exploitation Eyes Failing Failure Faith Family Fathers Fear Feelings Fighting Finding Yourself Flowers Food Forgiveness Free Love Freedom Freedom And Liberty Friendship Future Gardens Generosity Gentleness Giving Giving Up Glory Goals God Gold Goodness Grace Greatness Greed Growth Gun Control Guns Habits Happiness Harmony Hate Hatred Healing Heart Heaven Helping Others Hinduism History Home Honesty Honor Hope House Hugs Human Nature Human Rights Humanity Humility Hunger Hurt Hypocrisy Identity Ignorance Illness Imagination Imperialism Independence Individualism Individuality Indulgences Inequality Injury Injustice Innocence Inspiration Inspirational Inspiring Integrity Intuition Islam Jesus Jesus Christ Journalism Joy Judging Justice Karma Killing Kindness Knowing God Knowledge Krishna Labor Labour Language Laughter Law Of Attraction Lawyers Leadership Learning Leaving Liberty Life Life And Death Life And Love Listening Literacy Literature Losing Loss Love Love Life Lust Lying Making A Difference Manhood Mankind Marriage Martial Arts Meditation Meetings Memories Mercy Metals Metaphysics Military Mistakes Money Morality Morning Motherhood Mothers Motivation Motivational Nationalism Nature Neighbors Neighbours Non Violence Nonviolence Not Giving Up Obedience Opinions Opportunity Optimism Overcoming Pain Palestine Parents Parties Passion Past Patience Patriotism Peace Peace Of Mind Perfection Perseverance Persistence Pets Philanthropy Philosophy Pleasure Police Politicians Politics Positive Positive Thinking Positivity Poverty Power Praise Prayer Prejudice Preparation Pride Prisons Progress Property Protest Purity Purpose Quality Rage Reading Reality Rebellion Recognition Redemption Reincarnation Religion Religion And Politics Repetition Respect Responsibility Revenge Revolution Righteousness Risk Running Sacrifice Sad Saints Salvation Satan School Science Scripture Self Control Self Defense Self Esteem Self Respect Selfishness Seven Shyness Silence Simple Life Simplicity Sin Sinners Slavery Slaves Sleep Social Justice Society Soldiers Son Sorrow Soul South Africa Speed Spirituality Spring Strength Struggle Students Study Submission Success Suffering Surrender Sustainability Take Care Talent Taxes Teachers Teaching Technology Temptation Terrorism Time Today Tolerance Torture Tradition Tragedy Training Transcendentalism True Friends Trust In God Truth Tyranny Understanding Unity Universe Values Veganism Vegetarian Victory Violence Virtue Vision Volunteer Waiting Walking Wall War Warrior Water Weakness Wealth Welfare Wife Wilderness Winning Wisdom Work Working Together World Hunger Worry Worship Writing Yoga Youth
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    "Whatever I do is out of love."

    - Mahatma Gandhi,, added Dec 2, 2016

    Mahatma Gandhi

    • Born: October 2, 1869
    • Died: January 30, 1948
    • Occupation: Civil rights leader
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