• No great saint lived without errors.

    Martin Luther (1659). “Dris Martini Lutheri Colloquia Mensalia: Or, Dr Martin Luther's Divine Discourses at His Table,&c: Which in His Life Time Hee Held with Divers Learned Men (such as Were Philip Melancthon, Casparus Cruciger, Justus Jonas, Paulus Eberus, Vitus Dietericus, Joannes Bugenhagen Joannes Forsterus, and Others) Conteining Questions and Answers Touching Religion, and Other Main Points of Doctrine, as Also Many Notable Histories, and All Sorts of Learning, Comforts, Advises, Prophesies, Admonitions, Directions and Instructions. Collected First Together by Dr Antonius Lauterbach, and Afterward Disposed Into Certain Common Places by John Aurifaber Dr in Divinitie. Translated Out of the High Germane Into the English Tongue by Capt. Henrie Bell. ...”, p.182