• ... store of bees, in a dry and warme bee-house, comely made of fir boards, to sing, and sit, and feede upon your flowers and sprouts, make a pleasant noyse and sight. For cleanly and innocent bees, of all other things, love and become, and thrive in your orchard. If they thrive (as they must needs if your gardiner be skilfull, and love them: for they love their friends and hate none
    but their enemies) they will besides the pleasure, yeeld great profit, to pay him his wages; yea the increase of twenty stock of stools with other bees, will keep your orchard.

    William Lawson, Simon Harward (1927). “A new orchard & garden: or, The best way for planting, graffing, and to make any ground good for a rich orchard: particularly in the north, and generally for the whole commonwealth, as in nature, reason, situation, and all probability, may and doth appear. With the country house-wifes garden for herbs of common use. Their virtues, seasons, ornaments, variety of knots, models for trees, and plots, for the best ordering of grounds and walks. As also the husbandry of bees, with their several uses and annoyances: all being the experience of forty eight years labour”