Melody Beattie Quotes About Caring

Quotes about: Caring
  • Caring works. Caretaking doesn't. We can learn to walk the line between the two.

    Melody Beattie (1990). “The Language of Letting Go”, p.67, Hazelden Publishing
  • Today, I will focus on what's right about me. I will give myself some of the caring I've extended to the world.

    Melody Beattie (2003). “The Language of Letting Go: A Meditation Book and Journal for Daily Reflections”, Hazelden Publishing
  • What's a codependent? The answer's easy. They're some of the most loving, caring people I know.

    Melody Beattie (2013). “Melody Beattie 4 Title Bundle: Codependent No More and 3 Other Best Sellers by Melody Beattie: A collection of four Melody Beattie best sellers”, p.304, Hazelden Publishing

Melody Beattie

  • Born: 1948
  • Occupation: Author
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