Carl von Clausewitz Quotes About Politics

Quotes about: Politics
  • War is regarded as nothing but the continuation of state policy with other means.

    Carl von Clausewitz (1943). “On war: Translated from the German by O.J. Matthijs Jolles”
  • War is nothing but a continuation of politics with the admixture of other means.

    'Vom Kriege' (1832-4) bk. 8, ch. 6, sect. B, commonly rendered in the form 'War is the continuation of politics by other means'.
  • Never forget that no military leader has ever become great without audacity.

    Carl von Clausewitz (2012). “Principles of War”, p.14, Courier Corporation

Carl von Clausewitz

  • Born: July 1, 1780
  • Died: November 16, 1831
  • Occupation: Military Historian
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