Confucius Quotes About Being Happy

Quotes about: Being Happy
Achievement Acting Adversity Affairs Affection Age Anger Anxiety Appearance Army Art Attitude Being Happy Benevolence Birds Blame Books Boundaries Bravery Business Caring Change Character Charity Children Compassion Country Courage Crime Culture Dance Darkness Desire Determination Difficulty Dignity Doubt Duty Earth Economy Education Effort Enemies Ethics Evil Excellence Exercise Expectations Failing Failure Faith Family Fathers Fear Feelings Focus Forgiveness Friends Friendship Funny Generosity Giving Giving Up Goals Goodness Graduation Gratitude Greatness Growth Happiness Hardship Harmony Hate Heart Heaven Helping Others Hills Home Honesty Honor House Human Nature Humanity Humility Ignorance Injury Inspiration Inspirational Inspiring Integrity Intelligence Journey Joy Judging Justice Karma Kindness Knowledge Labor Language Leadership Learning Life Lifetime Literacy Losing Love Loyalty Lying Making A Difference Martial Arts Math Military Mistakes Modesty Monday Money Moon Morality Morning Mothers Motivation Motivational Mountain Music Neighbors Not Giving Up Office Opportunity Overcoming Parents Passion Past Peace Perfection Perseverance Persistence Philosophy Planning Pleasure Politicians Positive Positive Thinking Positivity Poverty Pride Progress Prosperity Purpose Quality Reading Reflection Regret Resentment Respect Responsibility Revenge Rice Righteousness Running Sacrifice Science Self Awareness Shame Silence Simplicity Sincerity Son Sorrow Soul Spring Students Study Success Taoism Teachers Teaching Time Today True Friends True Love Truth Understanding Virtue Waiting War Warrior Water Wealth Winning Wisdom Work Worry Yoga Youth
  • What you do not want done to yourself, do not do to others.

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  • Born: 551 BC
  • Died: 479 BC
  • Occupation: Philosopher
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