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Abortion Abundance Acting Affection Age Art Attitude Autonomy Avoiding Babies Balance Baptism Being Happy Belief Bitterness Blessings Books Brothers Brothers And Sisters Capitalism Caring Cars Celebration Certainty Challenges Changing The World Charity Children Choices Christ Christianity Church Climate Change Collaboration Commitment Communion Community Compromise Computers Confession Conflict Conscience Consciousness Consumerism Corruption Country Creation Creativity Crime Culture Darkness Decisions Dedication Defeat Desire Devil Dialogue Dictatorship Difficulty Dignity Discernment Doubt Drama Dreams Drugs Duty Dying Earth Ecology Economics Economy Effort Energy Enthusiasm Environment Ethics Eucharist European Union Evil Evolution Excuses Exercise Exploitation Eyes Failing Faith Family Family Life Fathers Feelings Fighting Finance Food Freedom Fringe Fun Gardens Gay Marriage Generosity Genesis Genocide Giving Giving Up Globalization Glory Goals God Goodness Gossip Grace Grandparents Gratitude Greed Growth Habits Happiness Happy Hardship Harmony Hatred Heart Holy Spirit Home Homeless Honesty Honor Human Dignity Human Nature Human Rights Humanity Humility Hunger Hurt Husband Identity Ideology Inequality Injustice Inspiration Inspiring Integrity Islam Jesus Jesus Christ Journey Joy Judging Justice Killing Kindness Labor Language Letting Go Liberty Life Listening Logic Loneliness Love Love Life Lying Mankind Meetings Memories Mercy Middle Class Mistakes Mothers Moving Forward Nature Neighbors Neighbours Never Giving Up Offense Opinions Opportunity Oppression Optimism Orphans Overcoming Pain Parents Past Pastors Peace Persecution Pessimism Politicians Politics Poverty Praise Prayer Preaching Pregnancy Preparation Pride Pro Life Progress Prophet Prosperity Quality Racism Reading Reality Reconciliation Refugees Rejection Religion Religious Freedom Respect Responsibility Resurrection Risk Running Sacrifice Sadness Saints Salvation Satan School Security Selfishness Serenity Silence Simplicity Sin Sinners Slavery Slaves Sleep Social Justice Son Sorrow Soul Speculation Spirituality Strength Struggle Study Suffering Sunday Take Care Talent Teachers Teaching Temptation Terrorism Theology Today Trade Tradition Tragedy Trust In God Understanding Unity Values Violence Virtue Vision Vocation Waiting Walking Wall War Water Weakness Wealth Wife Working Together Worship Writing Youth
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    "I tell priests to flee from clericalism because clericalism distances people. May they flee from clericalism and I add: it's a plague in the Church."

    - Pope Francis,, added May 16, 2017

    Pope Francis

    • Born: December 17, 1936
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