William Gurnall Quotes About Faith

Quotes about: Faith
  • We live by faith, and faith lives by exercise.

    William Gurnall (1821). “The Christian in Complete Armour: Or, A Treatise on the Saints' War with the Devil, Wherein a Discovery is Made of the Policy, Power, Wickedness, and Stratagems Made Use of by that Enemy of God and His People : a Magazine Opened, from Whence the Christian is Furnished with Spiritual Arms for the Battle, Assisted in Buckling on His Armour, and Taught the Use of His Weapons, Together with the Happy Issue of the Whole War”, p.88
  • How many, alas, of the precious saints of God must we shut out from being believers, if there is no faith but what amounts to assurance.... shall we say their faith went away in the departure of their assurance?

    William Gurnall (1669). “The Christian in Compleat Armour, Or, A Treatise of the Saints War Against the Devil: Wherein a Discovery is Made of that Grand Enemy of God and His People, in His Policies, Power, Seat of His Empire, Wickedness, and Chief Design He Hath Against the Saints ...”, p.178
  • We must come to good works by faith, and not to faith by good works.

    William Gurnall (2008). “Extracts from the Writings of William Gurnall”, p.96, Scripture Truth

William Gurnall

  • Born: 1617
  • Died: October 12, 1679
  • Occupation: Author
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