Martin Luther King, Jr. Quotes About Choices

Quotes about: Choices
4th Of July Abundance Abuse Acceptance Activism Adversity Affirmations Age Aids Altruism American Dream Anger Animals Apathy Atheism Atmosphere Attitude Being Strong Belief Betrayal Birds Birth Bitterness Black History Blindness Bones Brotherhood Brothers Brothers And Sisters Bus Business Cancer Capital Punishment Capitalism Challenges Change Changing The World Chaos Character Charity Children Choices Christ Christianity Church Civil Disobedience Civil Rights Civil Rights Movement Coffee College Commitment Communism Community Compassion Conflict Conscience Constitution Country Courage Creation Creativity Crime Criticism Culture Darkness Death Death Penalty Decisions Declaration Of Independence Defeat Democracy Destiny Determination Difficulty Dignity Disappointment Discipline Discrimination Diversity Doom Dreams Drinking Drugs Dying Earth Eating Economics Economy Education Effort Emotions Encouragement Enemies Energy Equal Rights Equality Ethics Evil Excellence Exploitation Extremism Eyes Failing Fairness Faith Fathers Fear Feelings Fighting Forgiveness Freedom Friendship Frustration Fun Generosity Genius Giving Giving Back Giving Up Glory Goals God Goodness Grace Greatness Growth Guilt Guns Hard Work Harmony Hate Hatred Heart Heaven Hell Helping Others Hills History Home Hope Human Dignity Human Nature Human Rights Humanity Humility Hunger Hurt Ideology Ignorance Independence Injustice Inspiration Inspirational Inspiring Integrity Intelligence Jazz Jesus Jesus Christ Judging Justice Justification Knowledge Labor Language Leadership Learning Leaving Legacy Liars Liberalism Liberty Life Love Love And Hate Love Life Loyalty Lying Madness Making A Difference Mankind Marriage Materialism Military Mistakes Money Morality Morning Motivation Motivational Mountain Moving Forward Myth Negotiation Neighbors Non Violence Nonviolence Opinions Opportunity Oppression Optimism Overcoming Pain Passion Past Patriotism Peace Persistence Personality Perspective Philanthropy Philosophy Pleasure Police Politics Positive Poverty Power Praise Prejudice Procrastination Progress Property Protest Public Service Purpose Quality Racism Rage Reality Reconciliation Recovery Redemption Religion Religious Freedom Respect Responsibility Revenge Revolution Righteousness Rings Riots Risk Running Sacrifice Sad Salvation School Science Science And Religion Security Segregation Self Esteem Self Respect Serving Others Shame Silence Sin Skins Slavery Slaves Social Change Social Justice Socialism Society Son Songs Sorrow Soul Spirituality Strength Struggle Study Success Suffering Surrender Survival Survivor Teachers Teaching Temptation Time Today Torture Tragedy Transformation True Friends Truth Tyranny Uncertainty Unconditional Love Understanding Unity Universe Values Victory Vietnam War Violence Virtue Vision Volunteer Volunteerism Voting Waiting Walking Wall War Water Weakness Wealth Welfare Winning Wisdom Work Worship Writing Yoga Youth

Martin Luther King, Jr.

  • Born: January 15, 1929
  • Died: April 4, 1968
  • Occupation: Civil rights activist
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