• The need for collecting large campaign funds would vanish if Congress provided an appropriation for the proper and legitimate expenses of each of the great national parties, an appropriation ample enough to meet the necessity for thorough organization and machinery, which requires a large expenditure of money. Then the stipulation should be made that no party receiving campaign funds from the Treasury should accept more than a fixed amount from any individual subscriber or donor; and the necessary publicity for receipts and expenditures could without difficulty be provided.

    Theodore Roosevelt, Henry Cabot Lodge (2017). “THEODORE ROOSEVELT - Ultimate Collection: Memoirs, History Books, Biographies, Essays, Speeches &Executive Orders: America and the World War, The Ancient Irish Sagas, The Naval War of 1812, Hero Tales From American History, Winning of the West, Through the Brazilian Wilderness, History as Literature...”, p.3451, Madison & Adams Press
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