• Now I know surely and forever,
    However much I have blotted our
    Waking love, its memory is still
    there. And I know the web, the net,
    The blind and crippled bird. For then, for
    One brief instant it was not blind, nor
    Trapped, not crippled. For one heart beat the
    Heart was free and moved itself. O love,
    I who am lost and damned with words,
    Whose words are a business and an art,
    I have no words. These words, this poem, this
    Is all confusion and ignorance.
    But I know that coached by your sweet heart,
    My heart beat one free beat and sent
    Through all my flesh the blood of truth.

    "She Is Away". Poem by Kenneth Rexroth. "In Defense of the Earth". Book by Kenneth Rexroth, 1956.