• I believe that any form of writing exercise is good for you. I also believe that any form of tuition which helps develop your awareness of the different properties, styles, and effects of writing is good for you. It helps you become a better reader, more sensitive to nuance, and a better writer, more sensitive to audience. Texting language is no different from other innovative forms of written expression that have emerged in the past. It is a type of language whose communicative strengths and weaknesses need to be appreciated.

    David Crystal (2009). “List of cartoons ;The Hype About Texting ;How Weird is Texting? ;What is Distinctive About it? ;Why do They do it? ;Who Texts? ;What do They Text About? ;How do Other Languages do it? ;Why all the Fuss? ;Glossary ;Appendix ;Index”, p.158, Oxford University Press