George Washington Quotes About Voting

Quotes about: Voting
4th Of July Acting Adoption Adversity Affairs Affection Age Aids Ambition American Revolution Army Art Atheism Authority Avoiding Benevolence Bible Blessings Books Business Character Charity Children Choices Christ Christianity Church Church And State Citizenship Community Conflict Conscience Constitution Country Crime Cursing Desire Destiny Difficulty Dignity Discipline Doubt Duty Dying Earth Economics Economy Education Effort Encouragement Enemies Ethics Evil Excuses Exercise Expectations Experience Eyes Failing Fashion Fate Fathers Feelings Felicity Fighting Foreign Policy Freedom Freedom And Liberty Friends Friendship Giving Glory God Gratitude Growth Gun Control Guns Habits Happiness Harmony Hatred Heart Heaven Home Honesty Honor Horror House Human Nature Humanity Imitation Immigration Independence Indulgences Injustice Inspiration Inspirational Integrity Jesus Jesus Christ Judging Judgment Justice Knowledge Labor Leadership Liberty Life Love Lying Mankind Marriage Mercy Military Morality Mothers Motivational Navy Office Opinions Opportunity Parties Passion Past Patriotism Patriots Peace Perfection Persecution Piety Political Parties Politicians Politics Praise Prayer Prejudice Pride Probability Progress Property Property Rights Prosperity Prudence Purpose Quality Quitting Redemption Reflection Regret Religion Religion And Politics Reputation Retirement Retiring Revolution Revolutionary War Right To Bear Arms Running Safety Second Amendment Security Separation Separation Of Church And State Sin Slavery Slaves Sleep Society Soldiers Son Soul Spring Study Success Suffering Swearing Talent Taxes Thanksgiving This Day True Friends Truth Tyranny Universe Veterans Virtue Voting War Welfare Wisdom Worship Youth

George Washington

  • Born: February 22, 1732
  • Died: December 14, 1799
  • Occupation: 1st U.S. President
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